Da Hawaiian, Japanee and Podagee #1

Had da' Hawaiian, da' Japanee and da' Podagee. As they were crossing a desert they passed out from thirst, hunger and heat.

When they woke up da' Hawaiian guy said, "whoa brah I had one awesome dream that we had 3 full coolers of ice cold Budweiser beer!".

Da Japanee guy said, "whoah brah das' mean.. but mines was mo' bettah.. I went dream we was crossing da' desert in one lunch wagon full of grinds!".

Da' Podagee guy said, "Nah brah, my dream was da' bes! I went dream we had one car door!".

Da Japanee and Hawaiian guy asked, "Brah, what da hell you going do wit' one car door?", Da Podagee said, "Brah, when stay hot, all we gotta do is roll da' window down!".