Da Hawaiian, Japanee and Podagee #2

Da Hawaiian, Japanee and Podagee students all shared one dorm room. Being college students they spent most of their income on booze. But, there was ONE bowl of beef stew left in the refrigerator.

So they made a deal.. whoever has the BEST dream can eat the stew in the morning.

So they go sleep. When they wake the Hawaiian goes, "brah, I had da' bes' dream! I went dream we had 50 hot chics all partying with us here!"

Da' Japanee goes, "Brah my dream was mo' mean! I went dream we was rollin' with hot chics in g-strings in our own pimped-out slammed Acura RS's!".

Then they look in the refrigerator and the stew is gone! Then the two of them looks for da Podagee and they find him hiding the hallway. They ask da Podagee, "eh brah, you went eat da' beef stew or what?". Da Podagee guy says in a frightened tone, "Yeah............I went dream you guys was full, so I woke up and ate da' stew".