Eh you like bet im tuffa den you?

Hawaiian, Filapino and Podagee went to a Western Style bar and wanted too see who wuz tuffa.

So they wen to the bartender table, and da Hawaiian went first, he told da bartenda gimmi a shot whiskey.. so he gave um a shot. Hawaiian take da shot.. den he put his hand on da bartenda table and told him take his gun out and shoot my hand, so he did da hawaiian in no pain and say dats tuff bra..

Up next da Flip thinking he ask the bartenda give me a shot whiskey, Bartenda give him a shot..Flip takes da shot den takes his boots off put his feet on da table tell da bartenda shoot my feet..bartenda takes his gun shoot his feet..Flip stand up like dats tuff bra..

So the podagee is like das all you 2 get..So he think...den he go to da bartenda eh gimmie a glass H2O..da Hawaiian and Flip look at eachother WTF da potagee drink da H2O...unzip his pants puts his ding ding on da table..da bartenda ask him you want me 2 shoot dat he say NO JUS RUB UM DA BUGGA GOING SHOOT HIMSELF...